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Bedford County lies in the great Central Basin of Tennessee. The prevailing rocks are limestone, generally thinly bedded and flaggy, but with some fine building stone. The limestone belong to the Nashville and Lebanon formations, limestone low in the geological series. West of Shelbyville excellent building stone abounds. Two other varieties of limestone are found in the county, called white rock and sandstone or fire rock. The white rock, found in the northwest corner of the county, bears a good polish and makes a good appearance in buildings, standing the weather well. The sandstone or fire rock occurs in thick beds eight miles west of Shelbyville, and is coarse, soft and easily worked, but in thin slabs is flexible. The sandstones which cover the knobs are of little value. Read more.....

County History
First Settlers Bedford County
Early Settlers Bedford County
Mills, Gins, Stills and Distilleries
Bedford County Established
Records of County Court
Courthouse, Jails, Turnpikes, Poor Asylums, Railroads and Bridges
County Court Sessions 1853-1886
Bedford County Bar

Military Resources
Revolutionary, Seminole,1812 and Mexican War
Military Land Grants 1784-1790 (State of North Carolina)
Military Land Grants 1790-1800 (State of North Carolina)
Military Land Grants 1800 -1810 (State of North Carolina)
Military Land Grants 1800-1810 (State of Tennessee)
Bedford County Military Units - Civil War

Cities, Towns and Villages of Bedford County

Bellbuckle Fairfield Flat Creek
Shelbyville Wartrace Unionville

Towns with no Information

Normandy, at the mouth of Norman Greek, in the Twenty-fifth District.
Richmond, in the Nineteenth District, ten miles southwest from Shelbyville.
Palmetto, in the Eighteenth District, twelve miles west of Shelbyville.
Rover, in the Tenth District, sixteen miles northwest from Shelbyville.
Haley's Station, three miles south of Wartrace, on the Nashville & Chattanooga Railway.
Cortner's Station, six miles south of Wartrace, on the Nashville & Chattanooga Railway.
ll flourishing villages of from twenty-five to fifty inhabitants each.

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Source: History of Tennessee, Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1886.


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